Knowledgebase : Affiliate Questions
You can generate coupon codes on the "AFFILIATE PROGRAM" page of your Client Portal [1]. You can pick from the available coupon options and generate the coupons. You are allowed to advertise that coupon on your website and specifically only with your affiliate account. You are not allowed to advertise other coupons offered directly through PacificHost. Links: ------ [1]
You do NOT need to be a PacificHost hosting customer to be an affiliate. There is no extra incentive in being a PacificHost customer and affiliate, so everyone is paid the same commission rates for the same amount of sales. If you have any problems to report, please email [1] for assistance. Links: ------ [1]
No, your commission may only be paid directly to you either by check or PayPal, and cannot be applied toward any other products or services.
Our affiliate program uses cookie tracking to track and award sales made through the referral link. The tracking cookie is valid for 7 days and is awarded on a last click basis. If someone uses your link before signup, it will overwrite any other affiliate cookie currently in their system.
Pacifichost will pay you as an Independent Contractor, and commissions will need to be filed with the IRS according to your local and federal governing laws. For more information on how to file Independent Contractor earnings, please contact your local government agency.
No, we do not use our affiliate tracking code to track or log information other than when a sale is made and who to pay for that sale.
In only about 60 seconds, ou can register by visiting our affiliate sign-up [1] page. There is nothing to purchase and you will not be required to abide by sales quotas or rituals. You can make as much money as you would like, whenever you like. Once we approve your account, you may sign in by clicking the "Client Portal" link in the upper right hand portion of our website. Links: ------ [1]
You can view your account status, sales activity, commissions and much more by logging into your affiliate control panel [1]. Once logged in, click the "Affiliate Program" button in the black nav menu. Links: ------ [1]
Your affiliate transactions are tracked the same way your favorite website automatically fills in your username each time you visit it on your personal computer: with cookies. These cookies remember which affiliate's link or ad was clicked by the visitor. Once that transaction and sale is made, the cookies tell the parent company who to pay.
You can start earning commission immediately after registering for your affiliate account. There is no screening process and no waiting for your account to be activated. Click here to signup now! [1] After signing up. simply click the "Affiliate Program" button on the black nav menu to get started. Links: ------ [1]